Best Colleges for Journalism

The profession of journalism has a very long history. For as soon as humans have explored the earth, different sorts of journalism has been appearing around. Nowadays, the best colleges for journalism are not only with many awards and experience, but those that specializing in digital journalism.

If you think that journalism can be your major, and then find your inner writer’s talent and look over these colleges list that offer the most competent journalism undergraduate programs in the country.
Kent State University – this school of journalism at Kent State University was created in 1937. Nowadays, the school has its own student newspaper since 1926. The college has its reputation for proposing quality journalists education.

Indiana University – the college of journalism at Indiana University become 100 years old in 2011. The university offers both graduate and undergraduate programs and educated 30 Pulitzer Prize winners.
Ohio University – in Ohio University you can choose six different fields, which include PR, advertising, broadcast news, news writing, magazine journalism, and online journalism. The school educated 14 Pulitzer Prize winners.

Northwestern University - The Medill School of Journalism was established in 1921 and educated 39 Pulitzer laureates. The school is one of the top in U.S. rankings. Northwestern University also has the Knight Lab, which develops technology to help promote innovation in journalism fields.
University of Florida – here is situated US second biggest undergraduate journalism program. The program started in 1925 and created its own TV and radio station. Therefore, undergraduates gain experience before entering the labor market.

Syracuse University – this university has highly selective journalism program with 10% of acceptance rate. It created first journalism program in 1935, when it first offered radio broadcast class. Syracuse is constantly on the top of broadcast journalism in U.S.

The University of Missouri – this university has excellent reputation and produces talented journalists. It has more than 30 different fields of focus in its school. Moreover, many famous journalists graduated from Missouri program.

University of Georgia has three programs in its journalism school: Telecommunications, Advertising and PR, and Journalism. University has its own student magazine and own awards for achievements in electronic media.

University of Maryland is home to three college student news outlets: the online news magazine, the radio show, and television show. This school is also home to the American Journalism Review.
University of Montana has one of the oldest journalism programs in the US. It was founded in 1914 and later become one of the first accredited journalism schools. This university produced many famous journalists.

University of Minnesota is journalism school that was one of the first 30 schools that received accreditation in 1948 by the American Council on Education for Journalism. The program was adopted in 1917 and even before its establishment the university proposed several journalism courses.
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