How to Avoid Freshman 15?

If you are freshman who are entering college you must think about what to pack, what to study, and where to live, but you may forget about the topic of health. The start of college is a rollercoaster. In the process of finding new people and making new friends you can be in different situations. Such situations as: eating junk food, drinking alcohol, and staying all night can cause weight gain.

Additionally, students in college are no longer involved with playing sports as they were in high school. These are changing circumstances that you should be aware of. Also, as you becoming older, your metabolism is becoming slower. All listed factors united into one, huge trap that is easy to ignore until you cannot fix the problem very quickly. The only solution here to undertake is not to stop enjoying college parties, but to be smart about the fun you are going to have.

Learn how to avoid freshman 15 by following these simple guidelines.

1. Don’t eat lately at night. Doctors recommend stop eating two hours before your bedtime, so you should not eat that late taco no matter what! You can fill your fridge with healthy food alternatives like hummus, whole-wheat pita, or grilled chicken and forget about freshman fifteen mistakes.

2. Snack with 4-5 small meals per day, rather than eating one greasy pizza. This will enhance your metabolism working more quickly. Remember that is you wait many hours between meals; your metabolism function will become slower to compensate. Small and frequent meals will also prevent your organism from overeating, an easy bad habit to develop as you famished because you haven’t eaten since breakfast.
3. You MUST eat healthy in the morning even if you don’t feel you want to eat. It eggs, yogurt, or a bowl of fruit. Eating healthy in the morning correctly kick starts metabolism and sets up to eat well all day long.

4. Don’t eat too much little things. A slice of pizza there and a pocket of chips there may not be much at the time, but constantly eating unhealthy food (even a little bit) can add up weight quickly if you won’t be careful.

5. Working out in gym or play sports. All kids are playing sports in school. They are involved in this activity without understanding the great benefit that sports provide. Unfortunately, most students don’t have the same chance to participate in sports in college and it is very easy to let exercise get the boot. In order to avoid freshman fifteen impacts, you should stay active by going to college gym (many colleges provide free memberships) or joining team sport. Being as a part of the team is a great way to find new friends.
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