How to Make a College Transfer to a Four-year School?

With the cost of tuition rising at 4-year colleges and entrance becoming more difficult, more and more people are entering to two year community colleges for a degree. Some students even satisfied with an Associate’s degree, but some want to make a college transfer to four-year colleges to receive Bachelor’s degree. This is a great idea, but it can be hard to understand how to make a transfer from a two-year college program to a four-year. However, we are going to help you with steps you need to take a transfer.
1. Firstly, you should talk to academic advisor at college where you are studying, to be able to meet the graduation requirements for your two-year degree.
You may think that it is too early but if you decided to transfer you must be sure that you are able to graduate in two years. You should schedule a meetings with a transfer advisor every quartet to be sure that you are on the right way and you can’t be surprised later.

2. Secondly, make a meeting with a transfer advisor at the four-year college where you are planning to transfer. 
To do so it is necessary to determine a list of best colleges to transfer to and schedule a meeting with transfer advisors from there. Four-year colleges often establish special sessions for this.

3. Prepare yourself for your 4-year major. 
At some best colleges to transfer to, it is necessary to apply for chosen major as well as for the college in general. Therefore, you should meet certain conditions before you transfer. Different bachelor’s programs can take longer time to finish them and will require sequential courses.

4. There is also an option of direct transfer. 
There are many colleges that can accept you can meet their requirements, such as GPA rate and the number of credits at your two-year college. If you can meet all the requirements this means that you can be automatically accepted into a four-year program. So, you need to research every four-year college you want to enter and discover its specific admission process.

5. Know how your credits can be transferred before you take the class.
Not all four-year colleges accept credits in one standard way. You need to contact each admissions office to study how you can take classes that will transfer and work toward your bachelor’s degree.

6. Determine when you want to transfer and apply. 
Work in advance to be sure you can meet all necessary deadlines. If you determine an ending date for yourself you can achieve more success planning out a way to get there. Also, you need to fill a Transfer Student Application and then have your college advisor double-check your application to make it shine.
Don’t worry too much. Transfer from two-year to four-year college can be only challenging if you don’t plan it ahead. Follow up these steps an you can get your bachelor’s degree on time.
Additionaly, you should know consider information about college ranks when you tranfering to another school.