Should I Apply Early Decision College or Early Action Colleges?

Yes, you should. Early application typically increases your chances of entrance. In particular, some colleges prefer to accept students through early programs because frequently these students are economically secured. To find out if early application is convenient for you, let’s look at the different types of the application and what each one means.

Incase if your GPA and test results are high enough or higher than average, then you should apply early. If financial side of the question is not a problem, and you can define your clear preferred choice, than strongly consider apply early decision college.

Early Action VS Early Decision

Early decision is an exclusive application that you send to only one selected college; you promise to go there if you accepted. Early Decision is like a contract. You can send your early decision only to one defined college. Furthermore, your counselor and parents have to give their agreement about your decision. Students who apply for early decision often don’t require financial aid.

Those who sent an early decision application can also apply to early action colleges (in case if the ED particularly states that you cannot) because EA is not exclusive. You chose to apply ED, I advise you apply early action to other universities, where it is possible. If your test results and GPA are high or more than average, then it can help you to apply to colleges you want.

In case if your scores are low, then you should speak with admission representative at every college and ask what they want to recommend you to do. Oftentimes, they are happy to tell you if early application can give you a boost or it would be a disadvantage.

Generally speaking, early application can help you, so I do advice it. And remember that if the deadline is November 1st, then you need to submit materials two weeks earlier, so that college received everything on time. Applying the night before deadline is not good enough, especially if you apply for famous school.  Prepare all your materials ahead because it makes you look like a person who can’t organize himself or herself. You need your materials to arrive calmly, according to the normal conditions of things.

You just need to understand one simple thing about admissions offices. Admissions offices get a plenty of mails every day during application peak season, and someone has to distribute all that mails to the right places. This can take a long time, so you need to send all necessary mails in advance.
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