Why You Shouldn’t be Very Excited if You Get an Email From University of Harvard?

When you are getting an email from a famous school these doesn’t mean that Princeton University wants you to attend, or University of Harvard wants you to enroll, or Columbia wants you. Do think that you are already there because college sent you email. These mail materials are sent to you to cause interest in the college. Do not be confused by the recruiting materials that college is actively sending you. Colleges do so in order to spread the news about their college and to create interest in target students. Also, colleges buy score’s results and student’s names of who are not their aimed audience in order to stimulate these children to perform in school.
The students that I teach always come to me, showing letters from brand-name colleges, and I have to be the carrier of the bad news. Princeton University is not trying to actively recruit you because they give you their advertising information. This catchy advertisement does not say that anyone in Princeton University aims you to enroll in their school. They just want you to consider their school, possibly attend and apply.

Active recruiting materials are different. They are created by an individual who knows what is your name and want you to enter to their college. Active recruiting materials mean that you can receive personal emails from admissions or coach, and any handwritten material. If one day you get a signed note that is referred directly to you from any college then you have to be very much exited.

A shiny brochure with some lovely formal information (even if it is signed with your name) is just an advertising material, and you should use it no more than informational material about the college. These materials can be very interesting and fun, but not intended personally to you. Students often mix up advertising materials with recruiting ones. Comparing with promotional materials, recruiting is rare, as it takes time to create even one such material, so they are worth getting confused about. So, collect all these glossy brochures, but realize their aim.

However, do not be disappointed if you are not being targeted by the school. Personal contact from the college is very rare and in my experience about 97% of students don’t receive such type of personal messages.

Just because Princeton University is not waiting you, it doesn’t mean that you have no chance to get there. All you need is to stay positive and make every possible effort that depends on you to create the greatest application you can.
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