Best Fashion Schools for Career in Fashion

If career in fashion is seems very attractive for you, read our tips to define the best stylish schools where you can get good knowledge of fashion and ternds in US.

If you find inspiration in choosing of new outfit every evening, if you noticed that you are dreaming about different cloths patterns then the job in fashion sphere might be the best variant for you. If it is so, you should think about in what sphere of fashion may work in. If you like creating clothes than design major is really for you. If you are not so arty and better in analytical thinking, than merchandising field is what you are searching for. You can get many job opportunities in fashion sphere but design and merchandising are main categories from which you should start. Here are list of fashion colleges that stand from the crowd of fashion colleges:

Parsons New School for Design, NY
These college is the oldest and the most competent school in Parsons College. The school has developed global network of alumni. It has provided strong connections with famous fashion sphere leaders. They involve famous American and international designers. The main goal of Parsons Design School is to mix fashion modernization with activism to make a program that is concentrated on all fields of fashion.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois
This college undertakes not very common way to develop its fashion design program, offering a 3 year course with 4 year degree program. SAIC’s fashion program if focused on teaching of political, social, and technological factors that has impact on the world around us. This college offers three courses in the fashion department: a bachelor, master, post-baccalaureate degrees in fashion.

Fashion Institute of Technology, NY
School established both graduation and undergraduation programs. Also, it offers an additional education to real curriculum in liberal arts. Like Parson School, this institute has internationally spread network of alumni and good relations with fashion sphere leaders like Calvin Klein, Lisa Versacio, Nina Garcia. The school is proud of its New York placement and interest of innovative fashion icons that support this fashion program.

Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island
This school of design will suit you if you love to express your personality through outfit. Here you will learn profound technical skills and advanced techniques to design clothes. School organizes its own unique annual runway show, where a jury of experts in the fashion field selects the greatest student creation. This event is nice chance for students interested in fashion career.
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