Best Colleges with Football Teams

If it is important for you how many football games your school team can win when selecting a college, this is the post for you. We have considered all the teams that are successful during this year and in the past to represent a list of the top football colleges for you.

Louisiana State University
Louisiana State University has a good football team and good opportunities in the field of football. The Tigers team is the first one that won multiple Bowl Title Series. In 1893 the LSU established their program in 1893, and since then have been a team with which to be contended. They have finished the 2012 year season with 876 victories which are the 11th best in history. What really support Tigers team are their supporters. The stadium of tigers is always full and can hold approximately 93,000 fans that make the city the 5th largest during game play days. The Tiger’s stadium has been named as “Deaths Valley” because it is considered as the hardest place for opposing team to play there. In 2012 Louisiana State University team had a stable regular season and they are supposed to be aspirant to national title in 2013.

Michigan State University
Michigan State University has five national championships under their auspice. In 1885 university established a football program that was named as national “football factory” in 1950 when Detroit become the world’s main auto producer city. Nowadays, the MSU Spartans team has 10 players in the College Hall of Fame and 26 football players in the NFL. The most well-known game of the Spartans was played with Notre Dame Team in 1966 and was named as the century game. Both teams scored 11-11 in the game and both won titles that year.

The Ohio State University
A college football team in OSU is called “the Buckeyes”. They have been a part of the Leader’s Division of the Big Conference since 1913. Since that time they have won 8 national championships, 35 conference championships, and have played 10 undefeated seasons. They were named as the fourth most up-market program in college football in 2011. Ohio University has a number of exiting football traditions in the place due to its long history. During one of the main traditions students jump into the campus lake on the Thursday night before the Ohio vs. Michigan game. They hope that this tradition will bring luck to the Buckeyes in the game.

The University of Georgia
The team called Bulldogs is the team of Georgia University. “Dawgs” is the nickname of this team. It won many national and SEC championships. They are playing in historical Stanford Stadium which can hold 94,000 fans, that makes it the 14th biggest stadium in the world. According to 2012 year, the University of Georgia college course is the second most gainful in college football.
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