Real Life Skills to Learn From Theatre Major

Many people think that to choose a theatre as a major is a waste of money and time. There is a common belief that if you are not one of that lucky people who had an opportunity to become famous actor, even the good acting colleges guarantees a fate of sitting and waiting. However, I can share my experience from the first hand that majoring in theatre will prepare you to survive in the world and to be inspiring and doing only something that you really love.

Here are examples of skills that I gained with the help of my theatre major in good acting colleges that have helped me in real life:

Firmness during Public Speaking. Talking to a crowd of people is a common day in the life of person you had chosen a theatre as a major. Theatre teaches you to stand up in front of the people and speak with confidence. Mastering this skill will help you to succeed during interviews, presentations, business conferences and giving speeches.

Project Management Skill. It is hard to believe but I’ve learned how to be a good project manager from my theatre experience. A performance in the theatre is a few groups of people who work together towards a tight deadline on small budget hoping that the performance will achieve success and bring up money to afford to make your next performance. It is a practical life experience that you cannot get from an ordinary business books.

Working on a Very Small Budget. You probably know that theatre business is not overfilled with money. Working will small budget means that you must be creative with available recourses and have to learn how to do more with less money spending. It means that you will certainly spend many hours to get all done because the show must go on. I was spending all-nights to make the paint on the set look perfect, or to make costume look just perfect. I have got a great gratitude for the hard work that for me is watching the show open, due to the fact that it was made on a small budget. Making money in the business world is not very different.

Take the Heat. The best experience of the theatre is that there anything can happen. The light on the scene could break, your scene partner could forgot to make entrance, someone can forget its line, but “show must go on”. You have to stay confident and cool and improvise while making the impression that everything goes just like it was planned. Such type of skill is very helpful when your bosses, customers or technology decide to throw you unexpected situation.
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