The Writer Who Completes Your Student’s Papers Relates His Story

 l Paul Remark is a pseudonym for an essay writer who lives in Birmingham, England. Via internet he wants to tell a story of how he composes papers for a custom essay services. He states that services like, and are very popular among students. Paul has showed his correspondence with customers and a few papers he had wrote for the payment. Some details of the assignment have been changed to protect the identity of the clients.

I saw a message from the client by email around 4 in the afternoon. It was from previous client, and he had an urgent assignment to write. I quote her message literally here: “U made me management ethics proposal for me I need proposal got verified can u would write me a paper?”

I’ve learnt to understand this kind of messages. The customer had sent me a document form his professor with the paper instructions. He wanted me to write the first section of the research in a week. It is eighty pages.

 I told her no problem.

 And it is really was no problem for me. Through the last year, I have written approximately 10,000 pages of academic papers, most were on very tight deadlines. However, you won’t find my authorship on a single paper.

 I wrote a thesis paper in international business, a Ph. D. in psychology, and the substantial amount of postgraduate papers in informational technology. I’ve created bachelor’s degrees papers in accounting, international relations and medicine. Also, there were papers for subjects like sustainable development, economics, philosophy, religion, culture, marketing, ethics, health care, architecture. I’ve visit four dozen online universities. I’ve developed 15 graduate theses of 65 pages. And all my work was made for someone else.

 People never heard of me, but they probably read some of my work. I am an academic of everything, a hired professor and my clients are your students. I assure you of that. Somebody in your class is using a service that you cannot find; you cannot protect against it, or not even know about it.

 I am working at online company and earn good money by producing student papers based on certain instructions provided by students. I’ve working there full time since 2007. Every day during academic year, I am writing more than 15 assignments. Despite the fact that economy is declining, this business is booming. During midterms and finals, 60 writers in the company I work for cannot fill the demand of students who pay for the papers to take it for their own confers. Writers can easily find a substantial amount of online freelance writing jobs like on Internet in one click.

 You cannot imagine the incompetence of our student’s writing. I have seen the word “hopeless” written with such mistakes that you cannot imagine. And these people really are hopeless. A student, who is in graduate school, could not write a simple 1-page narrative essay. They truly need help. They are in need of help in learning and with passing their courses. However, they are not getting it.

 For those of you who have never helped a student to wrote a dissertation, or assist a graduate student in a research process, I have one question: Do you ever think about how a student who cannot formulate complete sentences in conversation organizes slightly competent research. How does he get past by college?

 I am getting reach on the incompetence that educational system has created. It is no problem for me to find a job. Moreover, I can earn more, while my coevals working on thankless office jobs that do not bring good money. I will make approximately $68,000 this year. That is much higher than a salary of an actual educator.

 If you ask me how good is my product created by this process? I would say that it depends on my mood, on the day, and how many other papers I am writing on. Furthermore, customer’s expectations and the degree of the work influence significantly. I don’t ever rewrite my papers. Therefore, I get clients request to “dumb it down”. Some of my works are not so great and some are perfect. Many of my customers do not have the gumption to tell something about the paper. Perhaps, they are better than what the student can write by their own hands. I’ve actually received thanks like “Nice work.”

 According to my observations, there are three demographic groups who are searching for my services: the foreign students, the desperately insufficient students, and the lazy rich students. As for the last group, colleges are the perfect place for them – the system is built to encourage rich and to forgive them all their infantilism. Let’s face the truth: successful people are not always those who are the best or the smartest one and, of course, not those who are the most ethical. The customers that I like the most are those who have an infinitive supply of cash and no certain instructions about their work. If the insufficient student doesn’t know how to ask what he needs, rich kid knows exactly what he wants. He lives his life to pay others and tell them what to do.

 As for desperately insufficient and foreign students, colleges are suppressing them. Students from abroad find that it is difficult to learn a new language not only because of cultural peculiarities, but also because of pressure of grading system. When colleges are focusing on estimation rather than on education, those who haven’t good English must perfect it rapidly or face the consequences. Custom essay service provides just what foreign students need – a quick way to “improve” English. Unfortunately, insufficient students struggle with communication in general.
 With respect to US nurses, the situation is terrible. Of course, our lives are in good hands but in the hands that are not able to write a sentence. Nursing students occupy the biggest part of my company’s customer bases. I’ve completed research reports on nursing ethics, case-management programs, and essays like “why nurses are the future of American medicine.” Moreover, I have even completed pharmaceutical-treatment projects, for patients who I hope were unreal. Certainly, you are aware of student’s cheating. But, believe me, you have no idea about the damage that this kind of cheating brings to the education system or how to control it. According to The New York Times, 61% of undergraduate students used some form of cheating on assignments or finals. The conversations about paper purchasing or about reasons of such cheating are not so widespread. I hope that this article will initiate more conversations. If you ask me, what I am going to do, I’ll tell you that I want to retire. I do not want to help your students to be competent anymore.